Create Awesome Infographics Resources

Here you can download resources for tutorials in the Create Awesome Infographics ebook.

Text Wrecks Infographic

Driving Data spreadsheet

United States Federal Highway Administration’s Office of Highway Policy Information

Planning Infographics

Five Data Sources for Infographics

Better Infographic Designs with Conceptual Thinking

Five Questions To Ask When Choosing a Layout

Seven Infographic Layouts That Work

Quick Layout Sketch Secrets

Five Tips for Using Typography in Infographics

Five Tips for Creating Better Color Palettes

Prepress Checklist for Infographics

Getting Color Specifications Right for Infographics

Three Ways to Design Charts in Illustrator


My 10 Step Process for Creating Infographics

  1. Define Goals
  2. Messaging
  3. Research
  4. Refine Content
  5. Concepting
  6. Theme
  7. Execution
  8. Review
  9. Prepress
  10. Publish

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