Nature Songs Series

While creating works in the Nature Songs series, I was guided by a desire to explore a more intuitive approach. Nature has always been a source of inspiration for me. I was looking for a way to express deep feelings and memories while being more spontaneous and free in my process.

I researched trees that grow natively in Georgia. I was surprised by the number of medium to large sized trees that call Georgia home. There is a huge variety in type of wood, leaf type, blooming and wildlife benefits. 

My favorite tree is the red maple for its many different looks throughout the year. Next is the live oak, which brings back childhood memories of playing under the shady branches and climbing. 

Trees shade us, many are beautiful to look at, and play a crucial part of our ecosystems. 

Next time wind blows through the trees close your eyes and listen to their songs.

Love the series and want your own custom piece? I also create custom artwork and murals of all sizes to fit any space.