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100 Days In Review

I spent 100 days this spring drawing every day and posting it to instagram. Some were awful, most of them were OK, and a few were awesome. A lot of people I talked to during the project kept telling me they thought the hard part was doing something every day. It wasn’t easy and sometimes I did not do very good work.  The really tough part was posting at all.

I was exposing myself as a creative every day.

a sketch of a letter M that looks like the structure used for the mars lander. One of the feet looks like a capsule and the other leg looks like the panels from the ship.

There are amazing creatives posting on instagram every day, sometimes multiple times a day. And there was me.

I was surprised to find a lot of support for me even when I thought a post was crappy.

Here is a list of good things that happened from the 100 Days project

  • Committing to  posting every day
  • Documenting different problems I ran into trying to use my iPad and drawing tools
  • A catalog of discoveries
  • I experimented with different ways to create
  • Strength in vulnerability
  • I discovered a range of colors, tools, and methods I really enjoyed using
  • New friends and connections from posting and chatting
  • Some of the problems or ideas I had about improving different tools were addressed in later updates or patches

If you’ve been unsure about trying a 100 days project, it’s worth a try.

Here are some ideas:

  • 100 days of finding information on a specific topic or trend and posting about it on a social media platform – be a curator of a topic
  • 100 days of meeting someone new by helping others
  • 100 days of thank you notes (these could be posted online or mailed)
  • 100 days of volunteering at local schools or with youth programs
  • 100 days of creating in a different media than you are used to.

I hope you found this peek into my 100 days helpful. If you have any questions, you can reach out to me via twitter (@leej) or instagram (@leesuzannej) or email.