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Tomatoes Are For Salsa

Painting tomatoes with their interesting shapes and colors is a lot more fun for me than eating them. There I said it and yeah I know that’s ironic since I’ve created multiple paintings featuring tomatoes and I’m painting a huge four foot tomato for the local Tomato Sandwich Festival. Why invest all the time if I don’t like to eat them raw? Well, it’s complicated. Maybe it’s not really. I don’t like the texture of tomato slices. Especially the gooey insides. Plum tomatoes I like just fine. I’ve realized as I’ve gotten older and tried more types of tomatoes that a high quality garden tomato with some salt is very nice. Salsa with chips though? Perfection. The four foot tomato I’m painting will be auctioned off on July 27th. I’m not sure yet if there will be an online option,…

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