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Mixed media drawing with chalk

portrait and figure study of a woman looking up and into the distance. her hair is made of acrylic paint markers and blue chalk pastel. Her lips and accents are flourescent pink acrylic marker. Her skin is built from orange acrylic markers and chalk pastel.

Using chalk pastels can seem intimidating and scary. Once you lay it down, it feels like there is no backing out. Plus, how do you blend them without ending up with mud? Patience and careful application is key. Paca #1 9″ x 12″ Mixed media chalk pastel, acrylic and watercolor on paper. I use chalk often for broad applications of color and quick drawings. They do smear, but they don’t try out or stain the way paint does. They are a very portable medium and great for studies and drawing practice. There is an immediacy and vibrancy to them. Quality matters. Lower quality chalk has less pigment, so the colors will not be as rich. This may be an asset if you are timid about color. At some point however you will want  a strong application of color. I really…

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