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Flowers symbolize hope, courage and caring

close up of a floral painting showing petals of a rose

I’ve been asked a lot lately about my favorite things to paint and I felt a bit silly admitting I like to paint flowers. Why? I mean it’s obvious I’m painting them, especially if I’m standing less than five feet away from my own art. I’ve done some reflecting on this and I’m ready to share why I think I enjoy painting them. Spoiler: It’s not just because they are beautiful, whatever that means. Flowers are fascinating Flowers have always fascinated me. They come in so many shapes, sizes and forms. The more elaborate and colorful they are, the more I like them. Some people may see flowers as very feminine, weak, and “girly”. I see them as symbols of courage, hope, and caring (love). Flowers may be temporary, but they are even more powerful symbols of courage and hope…

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