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Tomato Art Show August 11-13th 2023

Juicy Bumps Heirloom Tomato #1, still life of a tomato painting, red with green vines

Is it a fruit or a vegetable? The Tomato Art Show in Nashville, Tennessee is a loving, irreverent and varied juried show taking place during the Tomato Festival. Artists from all over the south show off paintings featuring tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables. There will be art from all genres and styles on display.

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One of the paintings I’m creating for the show has to include a tomato and the other two paintings need to have fruits or vegetables in some way. These three paintings are in progress right now. I need to deliver them to the gallery on July 29th so they can prepare for the show.

Event Quick Info:

  • Where: The Tomato Art Show, Nashville, Tennessee
  • When: August 11 – 13th, 2023, during gallery hours