Love So Soft #01, 24 x 36, oils, original painting


An abstract bouquet of roses and daisies rambles in a field. Soft to the touch petals with so many colors, scents and shapes, I find roses fascinating. Looking for a challenge to see how I could abstract roses at a larger than life scale., I created this piece as an experiment.



The afterglow of love, the connection – we give

roses to people we want to grow or nurture a relationship with. Roses have amazing scents, soft petals that remind me of skin, and sharp thorns. They are also a status symbol. I grew up near the rose capital of Georgia if not the United States. I loved visiting the rose gardens there to see all the different types of roses and the many unique scents, shapes and colors.   Medium: oils on gallery stretched. canvas Size; 24 x 36 inches

Additional information

Weight 20 oz
Dimensions 26 × 38 × 4 in