The Lioness Within, 24 x 36, oils, original painting


The lioness stalks through a sea of grasses, alone. Will she fine what she’s looking for? Is she strong enough and canny enough to survive?



A conversation with fellow artists challenged me to reflect on symbols of power and personal agency. If I was going to create a portrait to represent part of myself, what would it be? I grew up watching the Marty Stouffer Wild Kingdom shows. The majesty, physical power and beauty of lionesses impressed me at a young age. They were the ones hunting and taking risks while also caring for their young. The lioness in this painting is searching, hunting. Surrounded by flowers and other plants, she is not lost, she is comfortable with herself and owns her space.

.   Medium: oils on gallery stretched. canvas Size; 24 x 36 inches

Additional information

Weight 20 oz
Dimensions 26 × 38 × 4 in